Lizard Zine Library

January 19, 2018 10:21 am

The Lizard Zine Lib is a mobile anti-capitalistic knowledge box. Easily brought to any context, it gives access to more than 5000 “fanzines” organized in different topics. It includes a duplex-printer, a screen and a raspberry pi micro-computer to instantly print the topics of interests. Fanzines are “non-professional” and non-official” publications outside of the capitalistic literature censorship-system. They are a great medium for anti-systemic forces and often distributed through the Internet or subcultural events. The aim of the Lizard Zine Lib, whose building plans will be freely available, is to overcome the physical limitations of bringing thousands of different fanzines to a spot of interest.

The first prototype was built in may/june 2017 for the queer*utopia Festival taking place in Vienna and traveled a lot since then to different Festivals and Events in Germany and Austria.

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