Xinjiang – Sentinel 2

June 24, 2021 8:56 pm

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For years, the Muslim minority in the western state of Xinjiang, China, faces increasing
restrictions and human rights violations. With the help of artificial intelligence, video-
streams from traffic cams are used to automatize the process of identifying who will be
detained next. The screening process is highly efficient and expands daily. The camera
operates as a new instrument to control society in an automated dictatorship. I call this a
dictatorship by algorithms.
In Xinjiang, China is systematically oppressing the Muslim minority, called the Uyghurs.
They are building a vast amount of detention camps. According to different sources
approximately 1.5 million people are currently imprisoned.
I myself am not Uyghur origin, but remembering my own heritage, I am still touched by
the stories of forced-labour detention camps, where whole families are incarcerated for
„re-education“ and human rights are violated on a daily basis.
I am not able to understand how it feels but I can spread the word that it happens.
The Xinjiang Data project records the growth of these camps and the destroying of
cultural monuments in Xinjiang. The analysis is based on publicly available satellite
The artwork Xinjiang Sentinel-2 consists of 16 images 45 cm X 45 cm with aggregated
satellite imagery and a webpage where the detention camps can be observed.


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