Analoge Digitale Welten

Einzelausstellung, Eröffnung 30.9. 2021, Musikalische Begeleitung: Jakob Schall – Cello Florian Engel – Synthsizer

Xinjiang – Sentinel 2

Surveillance, technology, dictatorship, dictatorship, surveillance, face recognition, china,technology.For years, the Muslim minority in the western state of Xinjiang, China, faces... ->

Game Over

Noisedestructing video games in a highly virtualized enviroment.# A sound/video perfomance by Aaron Kimmig and Dominik Szereday

Public Cache

1,06m x 1,06m photo print This work consists of the 44.000 public Facebook images derived 3179 group members of „akademie... ->

Speak To The Ear

| plywood | raspberry pi | thermal printer | microphone | google | The ear listens.The ear eavesdrops the sounds.The... ->